Curative Offers Revolutionary Vaccination Management Software to Streamline Delivery Efforts

Curative’s Proprietary Software Collects, Organizes, and Distributes Information to Support the National Vaccination Process & at No Cost to Vaccine Administrators

San Dimas, CA —February 11, 2021 COVID-19 testing and public health service startup Curative announced today that it will be offering its comprehensive software suite free to all U.S. communities to help streamline the vaccination process. The software will help administrators track vaccination records, collect patient information, and report data in a streamlined manner as well as manage any clinical work. By supporting administrators at all stages of the patient experience, Curative’s vaccination management software platform is a one-stop web-based hub for ensuring an efficient vaccine roll-out.

“Curative is proud to continue supporting the larger efforts to end the COVID-19 pandemic through widespread vaccinations by offering our software’s vaccine management platform,” said Isaac Turner, CIO and co-founder of Curative. “Curative’s goal is to build a healthier tomorrow, together, and as we have worked with community organizations and companies we have found that many need a solution for vaccination tracking and reporting. Curative’s software is a game-changer in healthcare software, truly disrupting the status quo. It’s become our go-to resource to track vaccinations and report results to patients.”

In 2020, Curative became known for offering oral-fluid COVID-19 testing—a non-invasive specimen collection alternative to nasopharyngeal or “brain swabs”. While scaling their testing capacity across the country, Curative continued to develop its scheduling software. The platform continues to support the scheduling of over 16 million appointments across 13,000 testing sites to date.

Leveraging their expertise, Curative built the vaccination management software program, which has become an essential tool in Curative’s mass vaccination efforts. The company wants to enable all U.S. communities to effectively fight the virus by offering free access to their vaccination management software platform.  The software supports administrators at all stages of the patient experience. Administrators can create a database of sites and services, host sign up links, enroll users, collect and validate insurance information, record vaccinations, upload patient records, provide receipts, and track progress over time on a dashboard. 

The vaccine management software is currently available for use in any U.S. community. Curative’s vaccine software complies with the highest standard of patient information security and is HIPAA compliant. Any patient information collected through the software remains private and confidential. For all of Curative’s offerings, visit 

Visit to see our patient-facing scheduler now. To receive access and additional information on our vaccine software at no cost, please contact Stephanie Whittle at


About Curative
Curative is a leader in on-demand public health service programs and infrastructure. From rapid, mass-scale testing and vaccinations for COVID-19 to other essential services, Curative partners with communities to strengthen public health services with turn-key programs, easy-to-access experiences, and scalable infrastructure, keeping people everywhere safe, healthy, and informed. Co-founded by CEO Fred Turner and comprised of a team of doctors, scientists, engineers, and health industry experts, Curative began COVID-19 testing in early March 2020 upon realizing the urgent need for test development and production in the United States. 

With a growing network of over 10,000 sites across 15 states and three certified, high-capacity labs, Curative provides more than 1 million COVID-19 tests a week and is rolling out a suite of other services in partnership with major cities, states, and organizations across the US. Through Curative Medical Associates, a physician group, we manage operational and clinical deployment, patient scheduling, and health data reporting at no cost to public partners. Curative is not a medical provider and is not engaged in the practice of medicine. All medical decisions are the sole responsibility of Curative Medical Associates, an independent physician group. For more details on Curative, please visit and follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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Pasquale Gianni

Curative Inc. and its subsidiary, Curative Management Services LLC, engage with medical entities that provide vaccination services.

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