Curative CEO Fred Turner featured in the Austin Business Journal: Disruptor deep in the heart of Texas

Impossible is no impediment for Curative’s 27-year-old CEO

Curative’s CEO Fred Turner featured in the Austin Business Journal.

Fred Turner wants to transform health care, and he’s taking on the system from Austin. 

“We’re building a new national health insurance company,” Turner said. “A new United or Cigna or Aetna health plan that’s actually focused on preventative care and investing early in people to get better long-term outcomes.” 

The plan, which Turner described as “Netflix for health care”, has no copays, deductibles, or out-of-pocket costs for in-network care if members complete a baseline health visit intended to encourage preventative care. 

To read more about our work reimagining health care, check out our Austin Business Journal feature

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