Curative Spotlights Emily Moos, Director of Vaccines

Curative Spotlights Emily Moos, Director of Vaccines

Being tasked with overseeing the expansion of a nationwide vaccine program, Emily Moos successfully rose to the challenge and played a pivotal role in delivering vaccines to the populations who need it most. A key member of our health equity committee, Emily ensured that our vaccine distribution plan included our target populations with historically inadequate access to healthcare. We’ve partnered with community-based organizations who helped us serve border and migrant health, detention and incarceration centers, people with access and functional needs, rural and frontier health, faith-based organizations, and LGBTQ+ populations.

When asked about working, with Emily, here are what some of her peers had to say:

“Emily has been an amazing leader starting as a site lead, moving on to operations lead then to cold chain lead and now the Vaccine Director. She was instrumental in getting most of the vaccine operational policies out and she was also able to spearhead the production of the Field Operations Guide.”

-Lorelie Yujuico, National Clinical Director of Nursing

“Emily has guided our vaccine program to excellence through her commitment to the highest quality standards and focus on equitable care. She is not only a dedicated hard worker, but also a natural leader.”

-Noreen Farsai, Former Director of Vaccines

“Emily has taken on the monumental task of overseeing our vaccine program expansion with flying colors. As a startup looking to make a difference in the healthcare space, we often look to leaders who see challenges as opportunities — and that’s the case with Emily. We’re grateful for all the work she’s done in bringing vaccination to those who need it most.”

-Isaac Turner, Chief Technology Officer

We asked Emily some questions about her time at Curative and what she’s learned through developing our vaccine program. Here’s what she had to say: 

What are you most proud of with the vaccine program? 

I am most proud of the work we’ve done to reach patients in communities that historically have little access to healthcare. The flexibility of our mobile vans allow us to increase access by bringing vaccines to the community. Leaning into our partnerships, we co-hosted events to provide free resources alongside no-cost vaccination efforts. 

What are some major takeaways from your work over the past few months?

One of the biggest takeaways from managing the vaccines program is how much gratitude we receive from our partners and our patients. As a private company operating in the public health landscape, Curative has provided end to end vaccine distribution in local health jurisdictions that do not have the resources to launch and continue such an operation otherwise.

What are your hopes for the future of Curative?

I hope Curative continues much of this work into the future. As the pandemic shifts to an endemic, I hope we can continue to offer no-cost services to the patients who need it most.

We’re thankful for the sacrifices of Curative team members like Emily who have dedicated the better half of the past year to distributing vaccines, a key step to ending the pandemic. As we move forward, we will continue to provide resources in a way that promotes health equity.

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