Curative Offers Access to Antiviral Medication for COVID-19 Positive Patients in Partnership with Truepill

Throughout the pandemic, Curative has worked hard to provide solutions to healthcare needs nationwide. As we look to the future, Curative is excited to expand our offerings beyond COVID-19 diagnosis to include convenient access to telehealth consults and antiviral medication through our partnership with Truepill, the digital health platform connecting telehealth, diagnostics, and pharmacy to power the future of consumer healthcare.

We’ve seen the lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on our personal lives, community wellbeing, and economic outlooks. As we continuously aim to mitigate these impacts, many patients still lack a clear understanding of the treatment options available and how they can take advantage of them. By partnering with Truepill, Curative hopes to help alleviate these barriers to care and improve rapid access to treatment.  

Often when receiving a positive COVID-19 result, patients are confused on next steps, what to expect, and how to treat their symptoms. This is especially challenging when it comes to the distribution of COVID-19 antivirals, which have to be taken within 3-5 days of symptom onset to effectively reduce the risk of hospitalization and death. Through this new offering with Truepill, we’re excited to help  provide patients with a seamless option for accessing treatment options – quickly and conveniently.* 

Our partnership with Truepill will expand access to next-day at-home medication for eligible patients 18+, experiencing mild-to-moderate COVID-19 symptoms within 5 days of symptom onset.** 

After taking a COVID-19 PCR or antigen test at a Curative testing site, results are delivered directly to the patient. If they test positive, they can take advantage of Truepill’s convenient COVID-19 virtual care platform to quickly and easily access care. Through Truepill’s modern, user-friendly digital experience, patients who test positive within five days of mild to moderate symptom onset will have access to on-demand telehealth consults with US-licensed healthcare professionals. If eligible, an antiviral prescription will be shipped directly to their door, or sent to their local pharmacy, with minimal to no out-of-pocket cost.*** By leveraging Truepill’s scalable direct-to-patient telehealth platform and nationwide prescription fulfillment and delivery capabilities, Curative is helping expand access to treatment for eligible patients with COVID-19. 

“Access, speed and scale are essential to any COVID-19 response, and this is especially true when it comes to the distribution of antiviral medications,” said Sid Viswanathan, CEO and co-founder of Truepill. “We’re thrilled to partner with diagnostic testing leader Curative to provide an end-to-end, white-labeled virtual care experience that enables efficient, streamlined access to treatment. Truepill’s unique direct-to-patient telehealth platform and insurance-reimbursed pharmacy fulfillment capabilities, integrated with Curative’s robust network of COVID-19 testing sites, makes it easier for patients to get the care they need, when they need it — with appointments available from the comfort and safety of home.”

At Curative, we’re honored to have been the chosen testing partner for over 30 million patients in over 17,000 locations across the United States. We’ve worked with non-profits, local governments, and private entities to provide easily accessible services in a time of crisis. From our inception in 2020, we’ve learned how important it is for the patient experience to be paramount, and how healthcare should be adaptable to individual needs.

We’re pleased to partner with Truepill to support patients throughout their entire COVID-19 journey, from testing, to reporting, and now — treatment, as we define the future of direct-to-patient healthcare. 

For questions on this new offering or to contact our team for more information, please reach out to

Curative’s COVID-19 testing appointments are available nationwide. Visit to book a testing or a telehealth appointment and to see the full range of Curative’s offerings. 

More information on Truepill and their telehealth, diagnostics and pharmacy services available at

*Healthcare provided through the managed Truepill network of medical providers. Treatment options and eligibility determinations made by independent licensed medical providers.

** Patients experiencing a medical emergency or who have concerns about their medical situation should call 911 (or the local emergency number) immediately. The CDC provides a list of some of the emergency warning signs of COVID-19 here

***Shipping fees and appointment fees apply

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