Curative Celebrates Vaccine Leaders

Ending the COVID-19 pandemic has always hinged on our ability to create and distribute vaccines. Once variations of the vaccine became available in the United States, Curative immediately began administering doses into eligible arms across the country. Since December of 2020, we’ve administered over 2 million doses, and our team members have risen to the occasion of helping communities meet their healthcare needs, from mass-vaccination sites to small community vaccination events. 

As the United States nears its goal vaccination rates, we want to spotlight some of our team members who have played a crucial role in helping to end the pandemic. These team members staffed the front lines across the country, working diligently and thoughtfully to ensure everyone’s vaccination experience was safe and positive. 

We asked some of their team members to describe working with them. Here’s what they said:

How has Anthony demonstrated a commitment to ending the COVID-19 pandemic?

Anthony displayed tremendous effort and leadership with his initial role as Mobile Van testing Lead in multiple communities throughout Colorado. No matter the weather (i.e. Idaho Springs in negative temps with wind chill), Anthony always rose to the occasion. He provided exceptional patient care as well as genuine care for his team members. Anthony began and ended every day with a smile on his face, regardless of the task. Anthony possesses a sincere passion for healthcare, and it’s been evident in his work from the start. -Ryan Moore

What is one fond memory you have of working with Kayla?

Kayla is a great leader. The staff loves her. The doctors adore her. And the patients always fall in love with her! Kayla and I worked together at Dodger’s Stadium when it opened.  I easily spotted her as a go-getter and a proactive worker. Since the first day I met her, I knew I could use her as a charge nurse. I was so impressed with her leadership skills at Dodger’s Stadium that in a few weeks, I offered her a job as my Assistant Director of Nursing for CA. -Lorelie Yujuico

How has Marta demonstrated a commitment to ending the COVID-19 pandemic?

Marta Falcon was hired on from recruiting because of her willingness to go beyond expectations. Not only was she helpful in quickly onboarding a large number of nurses in a short amount of time, but she took time to get to know the members that she was bringing onto Curative. While launching COVID vaccine sites with little notice (we were asked to do so by the state), she was able to coordinate with all of our staff to ensure that every launch was properly supported. -Paola Berejuk

What is one fond memory you have of working with Navdeep?

Nav is a warrior of a nurse. She’s an outstanding leader. She’s fierce when she has to be but also can soften up when necessary. She’s a believer in fairness and an advocate for both patients and nurses. I’ll never forget working with Nav at the LTC facility where she was my Registered Nurse supervisor. On one Mother’s Day, she had to call the paramedics while she was heavily pregnant and the only RN that day. I could only give her advice over a phone call, but she handled the situation well and with grace. -Lorelie Yujuico

How has Rob demonstrated a commitment to ending the COVID-19 pandemic?

Rob began his career with Curative in Jan 2021.  He quickly inculcated the culture and the mission of our company.   He has traveled thousands of miles from Chicago, IL to Boston, MA and has been on our most demanding work sites in the nation.  He often spends months at these sites, ensuring that they are providing the very best in care for the people of the communities we serve. His efforts (personally) ensured that over 470K people have been vaccinated in the past three months. One of Robert’s greatest strengths is his ability to organize and direct large groups of people (within Curative); to ensure they are providing the very best service to the people of the region.  Due to his abilities at mission accomplishment, Robert was handpicked to serve as the Program Manager for the state of Massachusetts. -Amy O’Brien

Despite unknown territory and never-before-seen circumstances, these individuals have forged ahead to deliver the doses needed to end the pandemic. With hope in sight, we want to celebrate their work and thank them for their service. 

Curative Inc. and its subsidiary, Curative Management Services LLC, engage with medical entities that provide vaccination services.

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