Community Risk of Breakthrough COVID-19 Cases as Vaccinations Increase

The number of fully vaccinated individuals in the U.S. is steadily increasing every day. However, because the vaccine cannot guarantee perfect immunity, some are experiencing COVID-19 infections, even after being fully vaccinated. This resource provides a comprehensive overview of COVID-19 breakthrough infections, including: what they are, why they happen, how common and severe they are, and what you can do to keep you and your community safe. 

What Is a COVID-19 Breakthrough Infection?

Per the CDC, COVID-19 vaccines are effective, but it is not unexpected for a small percentage of vaccinated individuals to still get COVID-19. A COVID-19 infection after vaccination is called a breakthrough infection. Click here to see the CDC’s criteria for becoming a fully vaccinated individual.

COVID-19 Breakthrough Infection Symptoms

The CDC reports that breakthrough COVID-19 infection symptoms may be less severe than if you were to catch COVID-19 without being fully vaccinated. Click here to see a list of COVID-19 symptoms.

Additionally, studies have shown that it is possible to be asymptomatic when you are experiencing infection after vaccination.

What is the Risk of COVID-19 Breakthrough Cases?

Click here to view the CDC’s data on breakthrough COVID-19 cases. The CDC reports that serious symptoms from breakthrough COVID-19 cases are exceptionally rare. As of June 8th, 2021, just over 3,000 hospitalizations and deaths have been reported due to breakthrough infections out of a 135,000,000+ sample size of fully vaccinated individuals across 47 U.S. states.

Is Your Community at Risk If a Vaccine Breakthrough Infection Happens?

The CDC recently published a science brief with comprehensive information regarding the transmission of COVID-19 after vaccination. According to the brief, people who have received full doses of certain vaccines who are then infected with COVID-19 may have lower viral loads than unvaccinated individuals, which may reduce the chance of transmission more than in unvaccinated individuals. 

COVID-19 Breakthrough Infections Due to COVID-19 Variants

COVID-19 variants are popping up in some areas around the U.S. According to the CDC, COVID-19 vaccines provide at least some protection against COVID-19 variants, which may reduce the likelihood of breakthrough COVID-19 cases due to a COVID-19 variant.

Some experts say that more data is needed before we can make any concrete conclusions regarding how effective COVID-19 vaccines protect against COVID-19 breakthrough infections due to COVID-19 variants.

Working to Protect Yourself and Your Community Against COVID-19 Breakthrough Infections

If you would like to receive a COVID-19 test or vaccination, click here to book an appointment.

To exercise an abundance of caution and decrease your risk of getting a COVID-19 infection after vaccination, follow these general safety guidelines from the CDC to prevent getting sick

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