“Can I Travel After Getting the COVID Vaccine?” What You Should Know

The travel industry is having its busiest days since March 2020. Many fully vaccinated individuals may be wondering if it is safe for them to travel and what restrictions are still in place for air travel and other forms of travel. Other questions may include:

  • Can I travel after getting the COVID vaccine?
  • Do fully vaccinated people need to quarantine?
  • Is it safe to fly right now?
  • Do I need a negative COVID test to fly?

This resource provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of travel for fully vaccinated individuals, including: domestic and international flight guidelines, mask usage, COVID-19 testing guidelines, and general safety guidelines to follow in order to exercise an abundance of caution.

Domestic & International Travel Safety for Vaccinated Individuals

Many people are wondering, “Can I travel after getting the COVID vaccine?”

The CDC states that it is safe for fully vaccinated individuals to travel domestically.

The CDC also states that fully vaccinated individuals may safely travel internationally. However, international travel may come with more restrictions than domestic travel. For example, depending on the risk of COVID-19 in a given country, some nations require an application for permission to enter and some ask that travelers present a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival. 

However, some countries still aren’t allowing entry to tourists, so be sure to check the guidelines of your destination before traveling internationally. Should you choose to travel, be sure to learn more about the CDC’s recommendations on international travel to best prepare for your trip. 

Information from the CDC on COVID-19 vaccines providing protection against COVID-19 can be viewed here.

Click here to see CDC guidelines on becoming fully vaccinated.

COVID-19 Testing Before & After Traveling

According to the CDC, fully vaccinated individuals traveling domestically do not have to take a COVID-19 test before their flights. Additionally, fully vaccinated individuals are not required to quarantine upon arriving at or departing from their domestic destinations.

For international travel, some nations require that travelers take a COVID-19 test before leaving the U.S. In addition, all travelers returning to the U.S. are currently required to present proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test regardless of vaccination status. 

Unvaccinated individuals must follow a different set of guidelines from the CDC, which can be found here.

Masks During Travel

In the United States, masks are still required for all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, when traveling on planes, buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation. 

CDC COVID-19 Travel Recommendations

To see the latest CDC recommendations for domestic and international travel, use the links below:

Keep in mind that airlines may set their own rules that may or may not follow the CDC’s guidelines. It is recommended you call your airline or visit their website before your flight to get up-to-date information on what is required for your flight and airline in particular.

Once you arrive at your destination, remember to be considerate of local rules and regulations regarding COVID-19 safety measures, which may differ from those of your departure location.

General Travel Safety Precautions for COVID-19 Travel

Although the CDC has approved both domestic and international travel for fully vaccinated individuals, COVID-19 vaccines do not provide perfect immunity against COVID-19. As such, it’s recommended to follow general COVID-19 safety guidelines to protect yourself and loved ones against COVID-19, regardless of where you happen to be in the world.

Additionally, due to COVID-19 variations existing outside of the U.S., it’s recommended to exercise caution when deciding which countries you want to travel to.

Click here to view COVID-19 data by country.

You can also click here to view COVID-19 data by state to make travel plans within the U.S.

Overall, some restrictions (such as mask usage) remain in place, but the CDC has said that both domestic and international travel is currently safe for fully vaccinated individuals. 

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