Curative: Bringing Common Sense to Health Care

Curative Receives its Certificate of Authority from the Texas Department of Insurance

Not so breaking news: our healthcare system is nonsensical. We spend nearly double the amount of money on healthcare than other countries, but we have the highest rate of chronic disease. Deductibles are soaring and half of the population is riddled with medical debt that lingers long after getting care. And preventive services are free, but if you need any follow-up you may be slapped with a bill after the fact. The cost burden and confusion leave people asking, “am I sick enough to go to the doctor?,” which leads to avoiding preventive care that can save money and improve outcomes.  

While it doesn’t take a genius to recognize our healthcare system is broken, Curative certainly experienced the irrationality firsthand as we scaled our mass COVID-19 testing throughout the country. 

Now Curative wants to normalize health insurance paying for health care. We know it might sound wild, but if you’re paying for health insurance, shouldn’t you actually get health insurance? We imagine a world where you use what you pay for—if you’re sick, you go to the doctor, and get better. Some may say we are crazy dreamers, but we see ourselves as practical doers. We even became a health insurance company and received our Certificate of Authority to prove it.

Stay tuned to learn how Curative will bring common sense, cost-transparent, whole-person-centered health coverage with a first stop in Austin. 

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